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Drones provide safer, lower-cost options for photography or video that needs to be performed at a height. By using our aerial services, you can save time, reduce expenditure and lower potential risks to people.

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Aerial inspections have applications across a range of industries to assist with the observation and maintenance. Below are the most common services we offer. Contact us to discuss all your needs.

Building and roof inspections

We have cameras that are fitted with optical and thermal sensors. Our aerial systems are capable of close visual inspections of building roofs and facades.

To quickly spot defects such as leaks or damaged tiles, brick work, corrosion, concrete defects, cracks and window structural issues.

Solar and wind farm inspections

Drones are an incredibly useful tool in inspecting solar and wind farms, as large areas can be covered with ease.

High-resolution zoom capabilities

Thermal recording to spot faults

Bridge inspections

Using drones to conduct bridge inspections has proven valuable by enabling us to reach places that rope access and elevated work platforms can’t.

High-end zoom cameras (up to 200x zoom) allows detailed imagery of all structural areas, including video or stills.

4G and 5G mobile phone tower assets

Due to the vast number of towers throughout Australia, inspection costs of mobile phone tower assets can be reduced by using a drone service such as ours.

Drones are an ideal, fast and efficient method of completing these inspections.

Discover issues such as corrosion, animal intervention, faulty wiring and missing bolts.

Commercial real estate

Bring your real estate content to the next level by highlighting views from upper floors, presenting the exterior from an aerial viewpoint or marking out the location from a high quality drone aerial shot.

We are experienced and licenced drone pilots (by CASA) and photographers with over 35 years of experience.

Powerline and tower inspections

Drones are an essential tool in powerline inspections by enabling transmission network managers to make informed decisions.

Our industrial RTK drone is immune to interference which allows safe flight.

Zoom lenses allow high photographic detail of power lines

Thermal imaging services

Thermal imaging technology is an established and trusted method when it comes to assessing potentially dangerous issues or situations.

In commercial applications, thermal imagery can detect temperature fluctuations, surplus moisture and insulation defects.