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What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging technology is an established and trusted method when it comes to assessing potentially dangerous issues or situations. In commercial applications, thermal imagery can detect temperature fluctuations, surplus moisture and insulation defects.

Drones have become integral to effective solar farm management, enabling the safe overhead inspection of solar panels where thermal imaging can reveal performance faults and defects.

What is the benefit of using drones for thermal imaging services?

Drones fitted with this technology allows roofs structure to be inspected so issues can be identified and actioned before they become problem.

Drones fitted with thermal imaging cameras are able to quickly assess the extent of damage from above, be it water, fire, storm or some other force.

How can drones assist in search and rescue operations?

Thermal imaging technology can also detect humans who may be lost in the wilderness, by detecting body heat from the air. The ability to survey large areas from the air using this technology by search-and-rescue teams can expedite the search for missing persons.

Infrared thermovision image panorama of Zagreb, showing difference temperature